Monthly Archive: July 2012


Unity and Scrutiny

Our students presented their editorial work on the letters from Chamisso to de La Foye last Wednesday. My overall impression was extremely positive concerning the encoding. Concerning the approach of the manuscript (especially the transcription and the commentaries), the results varied a lot. I think this reflects the challenge of teaching students several competences in only one class. We taught: – German and French literary history of the early 19th century; – Archival and philological approach to handwritten letters (which elements are relevant, what can be considered a reliable information, how do you construct reliable information on the basis of...


Be intuitive! (or not?)

As the complexity of the phenomena we want to edit grows (something that seems to me hard to avoid as new corpora get incorporated), we are confronted with new problems regarding the way we present them on our web interface. We initially aimed at developing a fully intuitive interface and to offer an edition that would be readable and understandable without having to first get acquainted with the specifics through an editorial notice. This dream of editorial intuitiveness seems less and less realistic. The closer we want to get to the materiality of the text – e.g. the closer to...