What 2014 will be made of (or at least the first half of it)

2014 will certainly be made of surprises, and I keep my fingers crossed for them to be good ones! (or to be zen enough to proceed serenely with bad ones in my backpack)

But there will also be a few planned things, namely workshops organized or co-organized by me:

* On January 24th 2014, a one-day workshop going by the straightforward title “Geisteswissenschaftliches Bloggen: Wieso, warum und wozu?” will take place at the Centre Marc Bloch. The morning will be dedicated to general considerations on humanities blogging – and try to generate connections among the Berlin bloggers. In the afternoon, de.hypotheses community manager Sascha Foerster will explain the basics of working with wordpress under hypotheses. The workshop will be held in German. For presentation and registration, click here.

* On February 26th, a work session (not open to you, dear public, but I will post about it, don’t worry) on technical interfaces in German digital editions of letters from the time around 1800 will take place at the Academy of Sciences in Berlin. Sounds pretty specific when put like that, but it still is quite a challenge to connect smaller and bigger projects so that it doesn’t add much work to anyone and all of them (and the users) have about equally much to gain to it.

* On February 28th, there will be the third workshop of the Einstein-Zirkel Digital Humanities at the Free University in Berlin-Dahlem. In the morning, a poster slam followed by poster session will allow Berlin DH projects to present themselves and get to know one another. We hope to have academic as well as non-academic institutions represented (museums, libraries). You can check out the Call for Poster here. In the afternoon, Kurt Fendt will deliver the keynote, which will be followed by a panel with directors of universities and research institutes (la crème de la crème) who will be asked to develop their vision for DH in Berlin. The complete program can be found here and the presentation here.

* And finally on May 15th-16th, there will be a workshop on data modeling in digital editions of letters, more specifically on the interpretative value of data modeling in this context, at the Grimm-Zentrum of the Humboldt University. The 15th afternoon will begin with poster slam and poster session – the focus is on digital edition of letters. Thomas Stäcker will give the keynote on the 15th evening. The program of the 16th is not complete yet and will follow soon. The general idea is to reflect the connection between research question and encoding (in digital editions of letters, I think you know my focus now). As soon as I have put up a workshop web page, I will post the link.


Anyone in DH getting bored in Berlin?


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Anne Baillot

I am a Professor of German Studies at Le Mans Université. My areas of research include German literature, Digital Humanities, textual scholarship and intellectual history.

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