I love Paris in the Springtime

I arrived in Paris two days ago for a 3-weeks stay as a Karl-Ferdinand-Werner-fellow at the German Historical Institute. I could write a whole post about the place, but the real beauty of it is neither the amazing house nor the glorious weather nor the fact that my room as 2 windows and is sunbathed all afternoon. No, the real beauty of it is to ignore the material world for three weeks and think only of moving on with my research. So what about it?

On the front of funding, I am in a phase of intense preparation of diverse applications, hoping that I will be able to “relax and work” while the applications will be processed. So, real research is planned to happen from August on and to be “only” disturbed by two conferences in October and a Vorlesung in the Winter term. Let’s just not talk about that…

On the front of the digital edition, things are looking up. Anna has returned from maternity leave and will complete her edition of Chamisso’s Schlemihl in the next weeks. The French letter corpora are being enriched by Marion Schumm and Emmanuelle Chaze (von Buch-Beausobre and Jean Albert Euler-Formey correspondences respectively). Sophia has been working on the original letters from Dorothea Tieck to Friedrich von Uechtritz. Julia has reached the end of Boeckh’s booklist. Eva is beginning to encode the documents regarding the dissertation of Immanuel Hermann Fichte. Hannes is working on the metadata of the Boeckh letters in the Staatsbibliothek for our Boeckh platform. In other words: I am spending the money I have left in time for us to be able to do something with the results before the project is over. Which answers the question of what I have been doing in the meantime: contracts and budgeting. At least, I have the pleasure to see things take shape.

Finally, our last conference/workshop will take place in May. It has more of a work in progress character than the previous conferences. I am looking forward to see what will be the output of such a format. We have left more room for discussion than in our “traditional” conferences. And we are starting with a poster session, which thankfully does not have the dimension of the poster session in February (60 posters), but will allow everyone to get in touch with the others. Several poster proposals do not focus on the project itself, but on a specific question associated to it or tool to be developed, which will prevent the poster session from being a simple catalog of projects. We will conceive the two poster sessions so as to have a good mix of projects, tools and questions in both of them. The program will be online next week  -rest assured that I will let you know about it!


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