Battle plan for the winter

First of all and in order to dissipate any misunderstanding that may be involved by the reading of this otherwise fine and informative blog post, I would like to specify that my mind is not made up yet about the Deutsche Bahn, but should be soon. I will have the pleasure to be working at the Stuttgart Research Center for Text Studies this winter and will then be given plenty of opportunities to let you know what I think of the Berlin-Stuttgart connection and especially how rail compares to flight.  Meanwhile, my team will still be working, especially on our digital edition. As we met yesterday, we had the opportunity to go through all that has to be achieved this winter. It is less than I wanted to have by the end of the project, but there is, for that matter, still a lot to be done. Letter corpora have to be completed (Tieck to Raumer, Chamisso to de La Foye, Euler jun. to Formey, D. Tieck to Uechtritz), Boeckh’s book catalogue has to be enriched, Schlemihl will be finalized, the whole documentation on Immanuel Hermann Fichte’s dissertation will also be published soon (a first batch is on for the coming week). That does not leaves us like any time at all to think about semantic tagging to connect the corpora together, which I hope to do in another project life. I still hope that the index of persons and the index of publications will be sufficient to provide for some network visualization and analysis by the end of the project.

But it is not solely the digital edition. When we decided for a date for one or two group members to present their work, it turned out that about everyone wanted to give a presentation – we are all moving on, separately and yet together. It was really heart-warming to hear them, one after another “and may I give a presentation too?”. November 17th will be our big day, a whole day for hearing and sharing research results. Looking forward to it!

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Anne Baillot

I am a Professor of German Studies at Le Mans Université. My areas of research include German literature, Digital Humanities, textual scholarship and intellectual history.

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