Conference Truisms

Upon my return from the Historical Network Research Conference in Ghent, I am still meditating on a few remarks and observations. They fit fine in the underused “aphorism” category of this blog. Those with quotation marks are actual quotes, all by different persons in different contexts (i.e. not to be read as a connected series, but as a selection of sentences, each in their own right).

“Blogs are a PhD phenomenon” (meaning epi-phenomenon in the context)

“If you are a professor of Digital Humanities, you tweet”

“What about adding a time dimension to your network?”

“In fact we cannot read anything on that graph”

Whoever had the stupid idea to template the standard powerpoint slide with bullet points???

Anne B. in Gent

A more serious (and detailed) report on the conference will be published by me, Emmanuelle Chaze and Carolin Hahn in the coming days.

Anne Baillot

I am a Professor of German Studies at Le Mans Université. My areas of research include German literature, Digital Humanities, textual scholarship and intellectual history.

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