Open Peer Review Lounge still Open for Peer Review (bring your own Lounge)

At the #dhiha6 conference, I was in charge of the Open Peer Review Lounge together with Pierre Mounier. We had transfered all the blog posts written in the context of the #dhiha6 blog carnival to the Open Peer Review blog platform and opened them to comments. The visitors could sit at a computer and leave comments on the blog posts. You can find them under the URL:

As it turned out, time was too short for the process to be completed during the given time. Many visitors needed time to read and think about what they had read, and in the end there was not enough time left to comment before the next session (the laboratories) began.

The contributions are still open to Open Peer Review. I already have received a few comments on my blogpost “Two h words and one 3 word” (initially published on this blog – I will leave this original version as it is). I am leaving my post open to Open Peer Review (in the platform) until July 5th. I will then rework it according to the comments.

Go ahead, Peers, Review!

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Anne Baillot

I am a Professor of German Studies at Le Mans Université. My areas of research include German literature, Digital Humanities, textual scholarship and intellectual history.

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