German-French Summer School in Human/Machine Translation

Among the many things I have not managed to do over the past week, advertising the upcoming German-French Summer School in Human/Machine Translation is probably the most urgent one, since the deadline for application is tonight.

This project is supported by DARIAH and Le Mans Université and aims at bringing together French- and German-speaking scholars wishing to learn how to translate with semi-automatic methods and reflect on the changes it involves for translation practice. The summer school includes hands-on sessions, but also discussions between Humanities and IT scholars on translation goals and methods, evaluation, and the didactics of semi-automatic translation. Traveling (within a reasonable frame) and staying (at the University dorm) expenses are covered. Details on the program are to be found here and your application (a brief CV and motivation letter) has to be uploaded here. All the information is in English in order to simplify the process, but I expect us to speak a mixture of German, French and English during the Summer School week. Apply today!

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Anne Baillot

I am a Professor of German Studies at Le Mans Université. My areas of research include German literature, Digital Humanities, textual scholarship and intellectual history.

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