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On speaking up or not

I have always loved the DHd conferences, but this year’s is even better. It’s organized by people that are uniquely dear to my heart, and they have done an amazing job organizing this (now fully online) conference. They have even managed to bring together a long paper session with people...


Manifeste “Humanités Numériques et Crise Climatique”

Le manifeste “Humanités Numériques et crise climatique” a été rédigé à plusieurs mains au cours de l’été 2021 par un petit groupe de travail informel qui s’est retrouvé autour d’une volonté de prise de conscience collective des enjeux environnementaux liés aux pratiques de recherche propres aux Humanités Numériques. Ce texte...


“Digital Humanities und die Klimakrise” – ein Manifest

Das Manifest “Digital Humanities und die Klimakrise” entstand im Sommer 2021 als Ergebnis von Diskussionsrunden einer Gruppe von digitalen Geisteswissenschaftler*innen aus aller Welt, die den ökologischen Fußabdruck der Forschungsaktivitäten in den Digital Humanities thematisieren und stärker in das Bewusstsein der Fachgemeinschaft rücken wollen. Dabei handelt es sich nicht um einen...



Compared to my professional activity of the past years, there turns out to be plenty of valuable experience that I can rely on – certainly more than I thought at first. Team management, project management, administration, international relationships, networking on different scales, opening eyes and ears to new cooperations and...


Next on

What silenced me so long is the state of application. Month after month, job applications determined my life.  When you are applying for jobs – depending on the jobs, obviously, but still -, blogging and tweeting can easily be perceived as a sign of vanity or of an unprofessional leisure....

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