Yet another batch of small improvements

This is abysmal. I was actually glad to present the new little improvements we introduced to Letters and texts this week and now it seems like the only thing I can see is all that has not been done yet. Sorry about that, I will proceed with it next week when the 2 volumes that are (to my despair) not yet in print will actually stop haunting my desk.

The few neat novelties are: Continue reading “Yet another batch of small improvements”

Waiting for the tooth fairy

While I expected to come back online today with a rush of energy, to joyfully move on to the next steps, I have to admit that a) the blogging abstention in July did not even suffice for me to deliver all that I wanted to finish before my vacation and b) having lost half a tooth in a bike accident during said vacation gives me mostly a feeling of o-my-God-how-am-I-going-to-manage-all-this-with-such-a-headache.

While waiting for the tooth fairy, I have still a few great moments to look back on and others to look forward to – which lightens up the headache, somehow. Continue reading “Waiting for the tooth fairy”