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Conference Truisms

Upon my return from the Historical Network Research Conference in Ghent, I am still meditating on a few remarks and observations. They fit fine in the underused “aphorism” category of this blog. Those with quotation marks are actual quotes, all by different persons in different contexts (i.e. not to be read as a connected series, but as a selection of sentences, each in their own right).


Calling – Elvis?

Since the German Ministry of Research issued a call for applications specific to eHumanities with two types of funding (junior research group and center) in January, not a week goes by that I don’t hear of a new application. The call has two deadlines, one by the end on this May and one in May 2014. The fact that so many people are rushing on this call came to me in the first place as a surprise, especially regarding the amount of projects competing for the title of “center”. After two months, some kind of resignation took over the surprise....


DH-Aphorismus Nummer 1

(Ich habe mir lange gewünscht, etwas zwischen Tweet und Blogbeitrag zu haben und habe beschlossen, diese Kurzbemerkungen in Form von Aphorismen auf dem Blog zu veröffentlichen – in der jeweils passenden Sprache) Aphorismus Nummer 1, auf den 15. März 2013 DH sind nicht: Digitalisierungsprogramme. DH sind: Verjüngungskur.