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Migration: successful!

Our edition is now hosted by the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. The corpora have landed softly, the SVN is now operational (thanks to the technical team in Trier!) – in other words: we can get back to work on the edition. Boeckh and Euler are the ones who will be lucky enough to be enriched soon. I am working on finding the necessary funding to wrap up the Chamisso-de la Foye and the Raumer-Tieck correspondences quickly as well. No surprises so far. But some new features are in the making as well. 


Intellectual genealogies – first draft of a model

Coming back from Vienna and a conference on poet and Shakespeare-translator Ludwig Tieck, I also sent my sole German paper on visualization of correspondences to the editor and am preparing to crash-write a paper on network visualization for the study of Henriette Herz (a follow-up to last summer’s conference, where Selma Jahnke gave the main paper under both our names). In the three cases, I emphasized the role of intellectual genealogies in the study of intellectual networks. Genealogies have the advantage of being a precisely definable category, one with which one can operate, be it in terms of visualization or for interpretation in...


Rilke, or: ice-bucketting my digital edition class

This week and next week, I am undertaking the final trips to the University where I held my locum professorship this past term (I shouldn’t write “past” considering the amount of grading I still have ahead of me until the 31st). Today, I gave a presentation together with two students, based on what was done in one class; tomorrow, two students from another class will present their results to me and next week, I will present even more results from this class at a workshop. In the meantime, my other students are finishing their last term papers in the form of blog posts...


Caroline-von-Humboldt reloaded

Due to its lack of activity, which is itself due to the fact that the main contributor’s contract ended 2 years ago, the “Caroline von Humboldt Forum” is closing. Its content (in German) will be hosted on this blog under the newly created category “Caroline von Humboldt Forum”. I will export the texts and add the corresponding links in this post over the next few days. Konzept Dieses Forum bietet die Möglichkeit der wissenschaftlichen Annäherung und Auseinandersetzung mit der historischen Figur Caroline von Humboldt, ihrem Schaffen und Wirken als Intellektuelle, Salonière und Mäzenin. Gleichzeitig sollen weniger bekannte Schriftstellerinnen und weibliche Intellektuelle,...