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Seldom (maybe never) has it felt such a relief to open as it is tonight. Weeks of forced blogging abstinence, rushing ahead without looking left and right, with the edition seemingly stuck in its rachitic state. But victory, victory at last! We are moving on! What a relief –...


Nikolaus, right on time

December is a good month to be a French living in Germany. First, we had a beautiful snowfall all morning, and I granted myself the pleasure of walking through Tiergarten instead of taking public transportation between 8:30 an 9:00 (bike is not an option any more, for a few weeks...


Brandenburg Musings

Yesterday was a glorious September Sunday and we were off to Kunersdorf, on Chamisso’s traces. Sabine, Selma, Anna, Johanna, Janin, Maud and I took first a train to Eberswalde, then a train to Wriezen, where we had rented bikes. And so as the sun started shining through the clouds at...



My last blog post was in German and dealt with the letters from Antonie von Chamisso to her husband Adelbert of the Summer 1823. I posted it on another of our blogs, the Caroline von Humboldt Forum. You can read the post here.

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