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Fathoming one’s father

In the letters by Dorothea Tieck recently edited by Sophia Zeil in Letters and texts, there is one that illustrates to the perfection the censorship phenomena typical of letter editions in the 19th century. What is today considered as the first page of the letter begins in the middle of a...


The father’s hand (3)

In part one of this series, I described how Immanuel Hermann Fichte was falsely accused of having presented a philosophical essay of his dead father Johann Gottlieb Fichte, wanting to make it pass for his own. The accusation was based on a denial of intellectual genealogy that had its roots...


Old flirt

Having had to stay at home for a few sick days, I had the unexpected opportunity to spend some time encoding. It was a relief to finally manage to find time. It was a pleasure to see the edition growing again. It was a delight to approach new themes and...


Frisches Brötchen für die Dame

Eigentlich hatte ich gehofft, dass der Boeckh-Antrag heute längst fertig ist (ich sitze ja schon so lange daran!) und dass ich diese Woche an meiner Dorothea Tieck-Biographie für die NDB sitzen würde. Leider ist dem nicht so, und ich verbringe noch einen erheblichen Anteil meiner Arbeitszeit am Überarbeiten der Kodierung...

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