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Back to school

With school starting on August 6th, the University buildings are deserted but for those who have kids in school age like I do. You can even recognized the bikes, not only because they are parked from 8:20 on, but also because they have old child seats on them that are discoloured by their exposure to sun and rain during the pre-school era. Real work has begun again, but in a somewhat soft atmosphere. I spent the major part of my vacation working on a letter edition that is aimed at being printed only. I am back to the analog world! ...


Why letters? Because letters!

I have always sworn by letters. It started when I was 12. First, I loved receiving them. Then, writing them. In those lucky times when, like most people, I had no idea what an e-mail is, I found everything about postality enjoyable. Checking on the mailbox again and again, opening the envelope, unfolding the letter, reading it and wondering at what time of day the sender wrote it, from where, with what pen, expecting what from me reading it. I was 17 and ripping out an envelope was some sort of telepathic moment that repeated the closeness of two writing...