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Blogging journeys

For years now, I have only seldom managed to blog.  It has to do with having time or not having time to blog, obviously. Still, even in the phases when I least had free time, I managed to blog. Ten years ago, I needed it as a mental and discursive...


Auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10, so naja (#wbhyp)

Liebes hypotheses-Redaktionseam, wie gerne hätte ich bei der Blogparade mit einem begeisterten Beitrag meinen Senf dazu gegeben! Wie gerne hätte ich Euch geschrieben, wie das Bloggen meine Art zu forschen geändert hat, wie es die Last erträglich gemacht hat, ständig unter Leistungsdruck zu stehen, indem nicht auf die Summa gewartet...


Teaching teachings

I am teaching DH this term, which is quite exciting. Since it is a temporary job with no dedicated classes or modules constraining me into specific themes, I was creative when it came to suggesting topics. As it turns out, the four classes that I am giving and the way...


Learning by blogging

The contribution published yesterday by 2 of my B.A. students on this blog is a good opportunity to comment (again) on the fact that blogging is rather a science than a technique and, more accurately still, rather an art than a science. I gave a whole series of indications to...


Hello, good-looking!

Last Friday, I have organized a workshop on scholarly blogging at the Centre Marc Bloch  in Berlin (hashtag: #hypobln). It was a great occasion to enjoy having valued colleagues at a discussion table, to address a new, interested, mixed audience (younger and older participants, surprisingly more women than men), to...

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