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Ceci n’est pas un projet – on scholarship and pouring meteorites

In an earlier post, I gave a summary of what I then intended to talk about in the paper I gave at the conference on Data Modeling in Digital Editions of Letters that I organized with Anna Busch last week. While writing the paper, my thoughts drifted in another direction than what I had announced there and I did not came to any consideration regarding editions typology or the unease generated by the concept of project in the understanding text sciences have of themselves. 


“I see something that you don’t see…”

It is under this title that I have announced my paper to be given at the workshop “Data modeling in digital letter edition and its interpretative potential“. So begins the sentence of a children’s game (of some use to make time pass by faster in case of weary travels or long walks in the forest), and it proceeds with the indication of a color: “… and it is blue” (or red or grey, etc.). The principle is that the others, being indicated the color only, have to guess which object in the surroundings the one who poses the riddle is...