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Through digital reality – part two

(This is a follow-up of the post I published yesterday, trying to take stock of the yearly conference of the association “DH in the German-speaking countries“) An L, two wings, flying off A particularly good surprise for me was the comparatively small amount of contributions dealing solely with constituting a corpus, and the greater amount of contributions addressing methodological questions and presenting analysis results. Again, I am not gifted with ubiquity, and this impression might result from me picking the “right” sessions for that.


Through digital reality – part one

I have just spent one week with 400 other Digital Humanists. This is what happens when you go to the yearly conference of the DH association of the German-speaking countries. It took place, as I mentioned in an earlier post, in the lovely city of Graz and the program was, to say things euphemistically, somewhat dense. I listened, tweeted and chaired. These three activities filled the five days in a way that I, in part, expected and in part did not.


Posting Poster Part 1 – #dhd2015

This is the poster Carolin Hahn presents at the #dhd2015 conference, carrying the title “Auch ich in Rom! Die literarische Inszenierung sozialer Kontakte und Wissenstransfers in deutschsprachigen Reiseberichten Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts” Enjoy!


Good Graz – #dhd2015

Only a couple of days, if not rather hours, before the yearly conference organized by the association for Digital Humanities in the German-speaking countries begins. This year, it takes place in the Austrian city of Graz, where I already had the opportunity to attend a conference in July 2011 and was absolutely charmed by the place. I have several reasons to look forward to the event. One of them is the conference live-tweeting. On the scale of several parallel sections and a whole week, it takes such proportions that you cannot dedicate just one person to it, and the archiving doesn’t...