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Of those three languages I live in (a sequel to #dhiha5)

Manifesto, Manifest, manifeste After publishing the English version of the manifesto for young researchers in DH in July, the German translation went online in August and the French one in September. I was part of the elaboration of all three of them. For my personal linguistic formation, the order in...


DH Too Human?

On my way back from #dhiha5, the airlines on strike combined with the floods that block German trains at Berlin’s doors are offering me plenty of time (too much, really) to think about those two days. What was most important in the end? Was it the manifesto taking a real...


Des papillons au plafond

La situation d’attente de l’audition pousse au cauchemar. La nuit passée, j’avais ainsi deux concurrentes préalablement déclarées meilleures que moi avant même l’audition, je levais les yeux et trouvais, au plafond, une multitude de papillons, les uns petits, les autres plus grands, blancs, avec des taches noires. Sans savoir ce...


Perfection is not an option

A series of events seem to be forcing me to ask myself what my scholarly accomplishments are really worth, at least to me. The first opportunity came in the form of the question bluntly asked during the interview for the ProFIL  programme “Would you say you are proud of your...

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