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Why I still hate MS Word 18 years later

During the #dhd2016 conference as well as in the course of our study on research practices in the humanities, I could do nothing but note that MS Word remains one, if not the most important digital tool for today’s humanists (I mentioned it in this blogpost in French and in this...


You may say I’m a blogger

In half an hour time, my task will be to explain how you are supposed to blog properly (I have the pleasure and honor to give a workshop on scholarly blogging with Mareike König at the #DHd2016 pre-conference), which is somewhat weird since I feel like it is precisely what I...


Being cute (portrait of the scientist as a reviewer)

Of course, I could and would work tonight. But my brain is fried after over 6 hours of tele/videoconference today. Also, I had a meeting with the school administration of my district in between telcos and have to think about what it means for the next steps in bringing refugee...


Femme romantique, femme numérique – un hommage à Ada Lovelace

Le texte ci-dessous est celui de mon intervention à la soirée consacrée à Ada Lovelace à l’institut d’études avancées de Paris le 2 décembre 2015. On m’a justement fait remarquer que la notion de romantisme aurait gagné à être définie. Je promets de développer cet aspect (laissé ici, il est vrai, un peudans...


Those invisible forces

In her brilliant closing keynote of the TEI conference in Lyon, Charlotte Roueché exposed research questions in such a way that they seemed inseparable from what one could consider are infrastructural challenges, but are in truth also methodological or even political principles. Talking about the TEI community was the ideal...

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