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Patching Part One: This Edition

While migrating my blog to, I seem to have lost some of my original posts  in the meanders of the world wide web. Here are two of them explaining the big idea of this edition: #1: What’s in there for you? Dated Oct. 5th, 2011 I intended to present...


Adios, Würzburg

So here goes, heading beack home (and already dreading the trip with the Deutsche Bahn)! What I will remember of my first TEI conference: 1) Big projects and small projects do not really have the same workflow problems but in the end, we all end up trying to figure out...


Slim Slam

(This is the 1-minute epos I presented in the poster/poetry slam preceding the poster session at the TEI conference in Würzburg) Once upon a time there were six brave girls Working in such caves they call archives. A good fairy came along and said, through his beard, Come, miladies and...


Digital Editions Session Part 2

It seems to me that the different projects presented so far each try to deal in their different way with the dilemma of simplicity vs. complexity. The paper of Bertrand Francois Gaiffe and Béatrice Stumpf, mostly a technical one, showed the difficulty of trying to on the one hand simplify...


Digital Bundle

Here are links to digital editions that were mentioned in the course of the day: Klagenfurt edition of the works of Robert Musil Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA) – in the Chinese Buddhist version! Letters of Van Gogh (ah, the Van Gogh letters!) Mark Twain Project (Autobiography of Mark...


Digital Editions Session Part 1

The presentation of Marie Bisson’s project of a Digital Edition of works by Thomas Le Roy was interesting to me especially because it is still pretty virtual – just like our project, still ringing with several layers of technicalities before you can really say what it is going to look...

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