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It’s about the science we do

My last blog post was written in German and published on one of my other blogs; it presents the results of a hackathon-like workshop given at the DHd conference in Paderborn at the beginning of March 2020. I tell about a dog no human eye had really noticed on an old photograph which a saliency predictor highlighted, leaving us wonder as much about our ability to see as about the IA training and performance.  Right after that, I was happy to host on this very blog a first guest post by Floriane Chiffoleau, who has started working on the DAHN...


Encoding an XML Tree model for my corpus

I work on a project called “Digital edition of historical manuscripts” which aims to diffuse on a public platform multiple corpora that all have one thing in common: they are ego documents, which refer to personal writings, memoirs, correspondence and documents alike. My job, personally, is focused on one corpus, a correspondence from a century ago, written regularly by a French, Nobel Peace Prize winning senator to an American friend, president of Columbia University and future Nobel Peace Prize winner, during World War I. Those letters depict his vision of war and its consequences, as a pacifist, non-combatant, political and...


“Der alte Stechlin schüttelte jedem die Hand…”

The homeschooling part of the day seems to work somewhat better now (in spite of the difficulties to access the teachers’ material: the platform is unreachable most of the day , so that we have now organized to download everything in the evening for the next day, preparing a daily folder for each kid – boy, are we lucky to have several computers!). Getting some structure into the other two thirds of the day is still a challenge. While I keep doing things all day long, it feels like I do nothing. I haven’t found time to finalize anything, organization...