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How to produce a model for the segmentation

In order to facilitate the work on the automatic transcription of d’Estournelles’ correspondence, we identified the need to develop a specific segmentation model, in addition to a transcription model. This post will talk about many elements already mentioned in this article so some specific parts will not be developed because it has already...


Working through minor issues

While I worked on the creation of my XML tree model, I realized that some recurrent elements of the letters will be more difficult to encode, mainly because they are neither mentioned nor explained on the TEI Guidelines. While the guidelines contain many sections and cover a lot of different...


Encoding an XML Tree model for my corpus

I work on a project called “Digital edition of historical manuscripts” which aims to diffuse on a public platform multiple corpora that all have one thing in common: they are ego documents, which refer to personal writings, memoirs, correspondence and documents alike. My job, personally, is focused on one corpus,...