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Am Vorwortieren

Ausnahmsweise auf Deutsch! Ich bastle gerade am Vorwort für das Book of Abstracts des Workshops “Grenzen überschreiten” vom kommenden Freitag und da diese Version vermutlich noch einige Überarbeitungen erleben wird, wollte ich sie gerne archivieren – und damit meinen lieben Leserinnen und Lesern Lust auf den Workshop machen. Und wenn...


Think big on February 28th

February 28th: a date to remember. What I remember is that when we chose that date, it was so abstract that it did almost not exist. I always have to wonder about the process of choosing dates for workshops or conferences when you organize them. You have a rough idea...


What’s new on the web

I have been announcing it for months, it is there at last: our new interface! There are still a few details to be improved (the rollover with names poping up on the authors’ pictures or the new favicon that seems to have been lost in the process for instance), but...

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