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A survey, a volume, a talk

Although the pleasure will be brief, I will savor it as I should: I will be at the Historical Institute in Paris next week to talk about epistemology of the Digital Humanities. Not only will I be in Paris, and what is more at the Historical Institute, and what is more to talk about DH: I will also exchange views with old friends (and presumably new ones as well). I will seize the opportunity to talk about my latest research.


Why we need to teach Data Architecture, Metadata and Annotation Tools in the Humanities. Seriously. Now.

An esteemed colleague and friend handed me over a short text last week, saying he was curious to know what I think of it. To be true, now that I have read it, I am mostly tempted to hop on my bike on this Sunday evening, ride to his place and explain to him what data architecture is and what annotation tools allow to do. I probably will be given an opportunity to do so at some later point, so it will not have to be tonight after all. But I don’t want to let the gap between the intellectual...


Am Vorwortieren

Ausnahmsweise auf Deutsch! Ich bastle gerade am Vorwort für das Book of Abstracts des Workshops “Grenzen überschreiten” vom kommenden Freitag und da diese Version vermutlich noch einige Überarbeitungen erleben wird, wollte ich sie gerne archivieren – und damit meinen lieben Leserinnen und Lesern Lust auf den Workshop machen. Und wenn wir schon dabei sind: Gucken Sie sich doch die schönen Infografiken “Facts about #dhb3” an!


Think big on February 28th

February 28th: a date to remember. What I remember is that when we chose that date, it was so abstract that it did almost not exist. I always have to wonder about the process of choosing dates for workshops or conferences when you organize them. You have a rough idea of the season, or the month, that would fit. And then, often randomly, you pick one, that then becomes the deadline of all deadlines. And you keep wondering: “Why did I choose that date again?” when it starts becoming really real.