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Overcoming challenges in DiScholEd’s development: a journey of problem-solving and design enhancements

As one of the interns involved in the development of the application, I encountered several challenges throughout the process. This blog post outlines the problems faced, the attempted solutions, and the ultimate resolutions achieved, along with additional design enhancements. Let’s delve into each issue and its respective solution. Unexpected text...


Publication of my digital edition – Developing my TEI Publisher application

In a recent blog post, I introduced the ‘publication’ phase of the digital edition pipeline I am currently developing within the DAHN project. I presented, explained and developed how we are using TEI Publisher to publish our corpora (d’Estournelles’ letters and Berlin Intellectuals’ letters and texts). At that time, I...


Storing and sharing the project

I have been working on the DAHN Project for more than a year now: I executed a lot of tasks over the year and developed the project extensively. All of this work represents many files created – be they programs, transcriptions or documentation. It is then essential to store them...

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