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Think big on February 28th

February 28th: a date to remember. What I remember is that when we chose that date, it was so abstract that it did almost not exist. I always have to wonder about the process of choosing dates for workshops or conferences when you organize them. You have a rough idea of the season, or the month, that would fit. And then, often randomly, you pick one, that then becomes the deadline of all deadlines. And you keep wondering: “Why did I choose that date again?” when it starts becoming really real.


Digitizing objects (#dhb_2)

Although term starts only tomorrow, it is as if I had been on business mode for a while already. The organization of the second workshop of the DH Berlin circle kept me busy all along September and it is only now that some rest is in sight – you know, the rest you get from pagan activities like writing papers and applications, spiced up by some effort to make those generate some synergy for my book (call that a chapter if you want…). What is it with  the DH Berlin workshops, really? Looking at the big picture of my scholarly activities...