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Another next step

As term has reached its end, I would like to provide for some orientation in the mind map that seems to have drawn itself over the past months to guide me ahead. First, to the good news: Sabine Seifert is now working at the Fontane Archive in Potsdam and Melanie Siemund at the Academy of Sciences in Vienna, both in exciting projects with no less exciting perspectives. I really hope to host guest posts by them on this blog when time has come (project presentation, conference report and the like). This will be one step towards enlarging the Berlin focus....


Proudly presenting: August Boeckh’s “Catalogue of my books”

The handwritten catalogue of Boeckh’s books is only since yesterday (here). Including it in the digital edition is only half satisfactory in the sense that the point of this project does only partially overlap the general idea of the digital edition. A book catalogue can hardly provide information on networks; the history of the text is of limited interest (only one hand is at work) and there is no further version of it, published or unpublished, we might compare it with. What the book catalogue allows to do, though, is to see how books operate as information deliverers and how...