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What 2015 will be made of

So now it is here, the fatal year in which my project funding will definitely end. Since my last postings, nothing has changed to the fact that I have no stable perspective for the time after (somebody should really tell the German Research Foundation that Junior Research Group Leadership is not considered an equivalent to the second book by hiring committees, at least in the fields I work in). Still, there is more or less one year of funding left, at least for me, and I intend to make the best out of it.


L as in Long Time (though semi-long would also do for the time being)

The one thing I have been missing for months (together with having more text online, please, please, please) was the feeling of having a clear plan. The more I have to present myself with a vision, the less I feel like I have one. Being now under no duty whatsoever (except the one to get ready to teach the Vorlesung “Schriftsteller_innen und ihre Verleger_innen” from April 2014 on), I feel like *the inner plan* is moving me again – carrying me would be more like it. The problem is, the plan lacks the right conditions for its realization. What should...


Never look back?

Some nine months ago, I gave an interview (in French!) to Maud Ingarao. She was preparing a series of papers presenting German DH projects for the French public, so I had the pleasure to come after Christof Schöch and  Torsten Schaßan (excusez du peu). I had the feeling this was a little bit premature considering how foggy the whole concept of the project was. At that point, I had not the feeling that I was managering it, more that is was managering me. But the deal was to have something about a project that was right in the starting blocks....