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Strong nodes and weak ties

Disclaimer: This is a project management post, *not* a graph theory post! About a year or so ago, I worked on networks visualization for a while, hoping to integrate such visualizations to my edition (that will still take a while, but I am confident that it will happen someday). So...


Ad fontes!

I had intended to blog over the week, but it turned out that changing places every other day was too exhausting – the fact that the events I attended, although lasting only one day each, included a lot of presentations on very different topics, certainly did contribute to that as well. 


Resisting networks

This has been fun, historical networks, but we have to say goodbye – at least partly. Class after class, I have tried to tame historical networks and their visualizations, only to come to the conclusion that this belongs to the things which humanists can’t handle by themselves. From the moment...


The Network, the Cross, and Ariadne’s Thread

I have begun to think about both my paper for the Hanover conference and my class of the coming winter that will deal with historical networks. The idea in both cases is to see how digitally-generated network visualizations applied to historical data are developing and especially how they implement theoretical...


Yet again networks

There are many things that were really great in Lyon. There was seeing old friends again – for sure, that counts a lot. But there was also seeing a really interdisciplinary lab in action (the IXXI), being able to have exchanges about major infrastructural questions, being asked part of these...


Berlin, Berlin

A couple of good news to explain my silence these past two weeks (besides the organizing conferences and giving papers thing): 1) The book Netzwerke des Wissens. Das intellektuelle Berlin um 1800, edited by me, is published! You can find more informations here. 2) Yet another Berlin-book: Berlins 19. Jahrhundert....

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