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Blogging journeys

For years now, I have only seldom managed to blog.  It has to do with having time or not having time to blog, obviously. Still, even in the phases when I least had free time, I managed to blog. Ten years ago, I needed it as a mental and discursive...


Birthday here, birthday there

While it has been clear for a while that my daughter’s birthday (which is tomorrow), and most likely also mine (in 2 weeks) would be spent at home, it is still not obvious what the conditions for my husband’s will be (mid July). In the meantime, after making clear that...


I hate grading – but still

I have always hated grading. It has always felt like a total misunderstanding of what teachers are there for. We are not here to grade, we are here to teach. In an ideal world, there would be no grading at all. Now, we are not in an ideal world, and...

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