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Publish and perish

Over the last year and a half, I have given a lot of papers. Taken as a whole, they show how my thoughts on such topics as data architecture, network visualization, digital edition, intellectual history and history of literature evolved and structured. I initially thought I would pack them together by bunches of two or three, thematically related, re-shape them and submit them to journals. One of my two attempts to do so was rewarded by a “you will surely find a good online publication platform to publish this, it does not really fit here”. And so the papers stayed...


Posting Poster Part 1 – #dhd2015

This is the poster Carolin Hahn presents at the #dhd2015 conference, carrying the title “Auch ich in Rom! Die literarische Inszenierung sozialer Kontakte und Wissenstransfers in deutschsprachigen Reiseberichten Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts” Enjoy!


Historical Network Research Conference 2014: a summary and a small selection of projects

Together with Carolin Hahn and Emmanuelle Chaze, I recently published a review of the Historical Network Research Conference 2014, but it only deals with the workshops and keynotes. What is more, it is in German, which limits its impact, especially considering the fact that the whole conference was held in English. There were simply too many projects for us to present each one of them in the German version, which still had the ambition of being somewhat exhaustive. So we left out the projects altogether there. This blog post aims at supplying some of what is missing in the German review....