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Another next step

As term has reached its end, I would like to provide for some orientation in the mind map that seems to have drawn itself over the past months to guide me ahead. First, to the good news: Sabine Seifert is now working at the Fontane Archive in Potsdam and Melanie...


Writing with two hands

When you have to finalize and deliver papers only to see them fall into a black whole for months, if not years, once they are in the hands of the editors, you should be thinking of those moments when the harvesting suddenly drops on you for no apparent reason. This...


#dhberlin strikes back – and efficiently

I had announced there would be some tweeting during this morning’s meeting and – nada. That’s what happens when you take notes on a piece of paper because things go too fast for even a tweet. Two persons taking minutes in a googledoc, two persons moderating, 14 or so persons...


#dhberlin being born for good

Something happened. While I was wrestling with adversity reaching in a grant application promised to doom, juggling with two papers and trying to find a post-doc and the necessary funding for him/her (someone to work on the French corpora of the edition which are still under exploited), it now seems, with...


Of ghosts and metadata

While writing my paper for the Biography Conference and writing my paper for the Frankoromanistentag and trying to finish up the grant application for the Boeckh Encyklopädie and settling on the OCR issue, thus turning my intention to very different fields and objects, I have been wondering which of the...

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