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Off to the new world!

One of my team members, Sabine Seifert, has been awarded a travel grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in order to attend the next TEI conference “Decoding the Encoded” that will take place at Northwestern University in October. She will present the progress that was made (after long...


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Seldom (maybe never) has it felt such a relief to open as it is tonight. Weeks of forced blogging abstinence, rushing ahead without looking left and right, with the edition seemingly stuck in its rachitic state. But victory, victory at last! We are moving on! What a relief –...


Spring, disillusion and something like zen

The new semester began yesterday and it already feels like it has been months. I spent those two days struggling to get some actual work done – I succeeded for about 3 hours, which is not so bad. I remember not being able to cope with the distribution of my...


Boeckh Book – Back

The book August Boeckh. Philologie, Hermeneutik und Wissenschaftspolitik (under the direction of Christiane Hackel and Sabine Seifert) is now on the bookshelves (at least ours)! You can order it from the publishing house as book, e-book or as a combination of both. It is the third volume in the collection “Berliner...

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