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Unknotting the < note >

  Letter of Ludwig Tieck to Friedrich von Raumer.Credits: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz I am sure the suspense was unbearable, so here goes my post on the note-element. For the TEI-geeks reading this blog: you have to bear in mind that we are a small project and couldn’t afford going into the subtleties of genetics or critical apparatus. There were actually two layers of problems: 1) The most philologically troubling to me was the fact that you are supposed to encode very different textual elements with this < note > element: the footnotes of the author (in my...


Brackets, here we come!

Würzburg definitely helped me get over my “fear of the brackets” (an expression that applied only too well to me). Hear, hear: After another 2 hours of discussion, we finally found a satisfactory way to use the <note> element. I am so thrilled I just had to post it. Details following tomorrow! (I will try to find a satisfactory way to explain problem & solution…)