That close

Only 9 days left until the official end of the project this blog is accompanying and I seem to have achieve at least one of the things that seemed impossible in the first five years of the funding (that is most of the project time), namely to be convincing when presenting my thesis and the results it leads to. It took five years, but it also takes an interdisciplinary audience to make the category “Berlin intellectuals around 1800” audible.

What did it take to get there?  Continue reading “That close”

What 2015 will be made of

So now it is here, the fatal year in which my project funding will definitely end. Since my last postings, nothing has changed to the fact that I have no stable perspective for the time after (somebody should really tell the German Research Foundation that Junior Research Group Leadership is not considered an equivalent to the second book by hiring committees, at least in the fields I work in).

Still, there is more or less one year of funding left, at least for me, and I intend to make the best out of it. Continue reading “What 2015 will be made of”

Battle plan for the winter

First of all and in order to dissipate any misunderstanding that may be involved by the reading of this otherwise fine and informative blog post, I would like to specify that my mind is not made up yet about the Deutsche Bahn, but should be soon. I will have the pleasure to be working at the Stuttgart Research Center for Text Studies this winter and will then be given plenty of opportunities to let you know what I think of the Berlin-Stuttgart connection and especially how rail compares to flight.  Continue reading “Battle plan for the winter”