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Find your comet

I haven’t blogged in what feels like a very long time. In the past weeks, I have given the final classes of my locum professorship and returned to a life where I take my bike to go to work (even in February). It turns out to be a much quieter life, even though I had never really had that feeling before I started commuting – everything needs something to be compared to in order to gain its real value, it seems. Not that I would be bored in any way. In my last week in term (when I had my last commute), I took...


Blog it like Beckham

When I try to reconstruct what I have been up to since I stopped working on my book, I might be tempted to say “nothing”. As many colleagues came back from vacation, the daily emailing dose has increased progressively, just enough to fill a few more hours per week. And when I don’t keep busy emailing, I contribute frantically to #bloggerfilms, a hashtag accompanying tweets in which you replace part of a movie title by blog/blogger/blogging and make it sound just great. I’d rather not know how many attempts it took me to reach the 4-5 really good ones I...