Monthly Archive: October 2011


Draw me a network

It would only seem natural, since we aim at reconstructing networks on the basis of our digital information, to set ourselves the ultimate goal to visualize them – you know, mapping-wise. But somehow I am reluctant to go this way. I feel like someone who would be given a car,...


Ja wohl, mein Herr!

I have actualized my webpage! You can now find there an acceptable presentation of the activites of my research group as well as a presentation of the digital edition – with some more informations than I posted here. There is a “but”, though: it is all in German. Not sure...


Unknotting the < note >

  Letter of Ludwig Tieck to Friedrich von Raumer.Credits: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz I am sure the suspense was unbearable, so here goes my post on the note-element. For the TEI-geeks reading this blog: you have to bear in mind that we are a small project and couldn’t...


Brackets, here we come!

Würzburg definitely helped me get over my “fear of the brackets” (an expression that applied only too well to me). Hear, hear: After another 2 hours of discussion, we finally found a satisfactory way to use the <note> element. I am so thrilled I just had to post it. Details...


Adios, Würzburg

So here goes, heading beack home (and already dreading the trip with the Deutsche Bahn)! What I will remember of my first TEI conference: 1) Big projects and small projects do not really have the same workflow problems but in the end, we all end up trying to figure out...


Slim Slam

(This is the 1-minute epos I presented in the poster/poetry slam preceding the poster session at the TEI conference in Würzburg) Once upon a time there were six brave girls Working in such caves they call archives. A good fairy came along and said, through his beard, Come, miladies and...

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