Monthly Archive: November 2011


Never look back?

Some nine months ago, I gave an interview (in French!) to Maud Ingarao. She was preparing a series of papers presenting German DH projects for the French public, so I had the pleasure to come after Christof Schöch and  Torsten Schaßan (excusez du peu). I had the feeling this was a little bit premature considering how foggy the whole concept of the project was. At that point, I had not the feeling that I was managering it, more that is was managering me. But the deal was to have something about a project that was right in the starting blocks....


Open Access Schizophrenia

Working with both traditional and digital humanists leads to some schizophrenic moments. Here’s one of the recurring questions I can’t really deal with because, I think, neither answer satisfies me. Who do our ideas belong to and what are they worth? On the one hand, there is the position of pro-open access. Our original ideas are not actually worth money in themselves, they are worth being recognized by the community. If you are quoted properly, you can only be happy that other people pursue your work in one direction or another. In that logic, you put online all of your...


Good news, everyone!

On November, 17th, something great happened. And by that, I do not mean my paper at the Boeckh conference, which left mostly some unease in the room – due, I guess, to the fundamentals it contained: interdisciplinary work, an edition that selects its elements after precise scientific questions and not after the origin of the documents, and digital on top of it all. Once I had past through the surprise of my flop, I found it an interesting (non-)reaction. No, the really brilliant moment of that day was the meeting between Jutta Weber, Laurent and me in the morning. It...


Handschriftliches und Digitales von August Boeckh – my paper of Nov. 17th

As I wrote yesterday, I wanted to post my paper for tomorrow here. But it seems to be too long a text for blogspot, plus the conversion from word to html didn’t work out so well… so I uploaded it as a pdf in the attachments section of this page, where you can easily download it. The FXX in square brackets refer to my slides. Contact me if you are interested in them.  


Berlin, Berlin

A couple of good news to explain my silence these past two weeks (besides the organizing conferences and giving papers thing): 1) The book Netzwerke des Wissens. Das intellektuelle Berlin um 1800, edited by me, is published! You can find more informations here. 2) Yet another Berlin-book: Berlins 19. Jahrhundert. Ein Metropolen-Kompendium (by Roland Berbig, Iwan d’Aprile, Helmut Peitsch, Erhard Schütz) reached my mailbox the exact same day.You can find among the almost 40 papers one by me on Friedrich von Raumer and one by Anna on Hitzig. I will be giving a talk on Thursday on “Handschriftliches und Digitales...