Monthly Archive: May 2012


Bibliography and other metaphysical questions

So the next Digital Edition meeting finally took place today. A nice thing happened in the first 15 minutes: Alex was asked by Sabine and Johanna to explain XSLT and XQuery. I am always amazed not only at how much technique Alex knows, but also at his ability of making...


Trust and confidence

In those shaky times, I have been thinking about the value of the memoranda of understanding I have been, literally, building on during the past year. When I first started working on manuscripts, I learned that if you want to publish a transcription or a reproduction of a manuscript, you...


Speaking out of tongues

With my father in a coma since last week, my continuous state of panic has had an unexpected side effect: I seem to have lost all ability to speak one language at a time or, for that matter, any language correctly. German and French mix up in my head and...


Analog Intellectuals

I seem to have lost touch with the digital world lately. Have not encoded in weeks, have not made any inner progress concerning the structure of the corpora, have not moved on one bit in my reflexions concerning the search engine and am not really sure what to do concerning...


“Lettres et textes. Le Berlin intellectuel des années 1800”: une présentation

L’édition numérique “Lettres et textes. Le Berlin intellectuel des années 1800” est en cours de réalisation et devrait être achevée courant 2015; les premiers corpus ont été mis en ligne en mars 2012. Réalisée par le groupe de recherche junior “Les intellectuels berlinois entre 1800 et 1830”, elle est en...

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