Monthly Archive: June 2012


Money and Philology

It probably would have been more gentle from me to put it the other way around: Philology and Money. If money comes first and philology comes second, we are actually doomed, aren’t we? Anna and I presented the first Chamisso letters we have online to the Berliner Klassik team this...



Of course, it is not completely over yet. Neither the book nor my father’s coma. But somehow, sending in the final manuscript on the very day my father shows signs of consciousness again  is too brilliant a day to let it pass unmentioned. “The book”, as I spoke of it...


Homeward Bound

We are about to apply for German citizenship. We have been living in Berlin for over 10 years now, we both have decent (in my case) to more than honorable (in my husband’s case) positions in the German academic system, our children were born in Berlin. We somehow turned to...


Dear Patience

Even if personal issues or scholarly setbacks happened in the past year and half (which is how long my group exists), I have – we have – always been able to deal with it and get over it without modifying substantially our work agenda. It has to do with the...

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