Monthly Archive: July 2012


Isn’t that a bit geeky? – Yes!

Guest posting by Sabine Seifert! After two years of dealing with digital editions and the TEI, the DH 2012 conference in Hamburg felt like a class reunion (but a good one!): A lot of my former teachers and fellow students from workshops and summer schools were there, and it was...


Dear people of Hamburg!

Take a glimpse at our fabulous poster, which you should really not miss (the conversion into jpg darkened the background, but I hope you still have a chance to get the big idea): Looking forward to reading all the #dh2012 tweets!


Exit Medea

An end is in sight. An end to this hell of a semester, I mean. Today was the last session of the class I gave with Selma on the myth of Medea and its (mainly German) reception. At first, we wanted to give a class on the myth of Antigone...


Unity and Scrutiny

Our students presented their editorial work on the letters from Chamisso to de La Foye last Wednesday. My overall impression was extremely positive concerning the encoding. Concerning the approach of the manuscript (especially the transcription and the commentaries), the results varied a lot. I think this reflects the challenge of...

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