Monthly Archive: July 2012


Isn’t that a bit geeky? – Yes!

Guest posting by Sabine Seifert! After two years of dealing with digital editions and the TEI, the DH 2012 conference in Hamburg felt like a class reunion (but a good one!): A lot of my former teachers and fellow students from workshops and summer schools were there, and it was amazing to see how their projects developed or what new projects they started in the meantime. There is, for example, the Berlin-based edition of texts by Georg Greflinger that will compare different print versions and plans to work with crowd encoding. Questions of collation and crowd sourcing in our own...


Like a blind dog

Almost all the team has spread around. Anna, Sabine and Alex are in Hamburg, where they presented our edition this morning; Johanna and Janin are doing an internship at the German Historical Institute in Paris. Maike has been copying and scanning for 2 days now. I have been cleaning my real desk as well as my virtual desktop while checking on the #dh2012 tweets all day. A book for which I wrote a paper when I was pregnant (one might as well say ages ago) was finally published. Where is it that I am standing exactly? I know what I...


Dear people of Hamburg!

Take a glimpse at our fabulous poster, which you should really not miss (the conversion into jpg darkened the background, but I hope you still have a chance to get the big idea): Looking forward to reading all the #dh2012 tweets!


Exit Medea

An end is in sight. An end to this hell of a semester, I mean. Today was the last session of the class I gave with Selma on the myth of Medea and its (mainly German) reception. At first, we wanted to give a class on the myth of Antigone after the same pattern (from Sophocles to modern adaptations), but since there was an MA-class on that topic, we thought it would be better if we would not offer the exact same topic in the BA. I pleaded for Cassandra, but we finally settled on Medea. The idea to involve...