Monthly Archive: November 2012


Why is it again that…?

That is one big problem when you are overworked. At some point, the meaning of the choices, the efforts, the strategies you make, simply vanishes. Usually, blogging keeps me rooted somehow. I knew I would regret not taking the time to blog for over a week. Well, it is too...


Yet again networks

There are many things that were really great in Lyon. There was seeing old friends again – for sure, that counts a lot. But there was also seeing a really interdisciplinary lab in action (the IXXI), being able to have exchanges about major infrastructural questions, being asked part of these...


As sweet as 517 tif files

It has been the first in a long time: today, I did some actual work. It was interrupted by a run to the accountant, a work lunch at the cafeteria including an interesting mix of ananas and sauerkraut, e-mails, layout questions concerning the collection (Anna sent in volume 2 on...


What networks are made of

I will be giving a paper in Lyon next week at the “Matinée d’études sur les réseaux intellectuels historiques“. It was one of these papers which I take big pleasure in writing (and yes, I have finished writing it, or else I would be having nightmare after nightmare by now)...

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