Monthly Archive: December 2012


Ganzheit und Fragmentierung (1): Analog

This is the first part of a series of 2 posts about collecting. This first post was written bei Janine Katins, a M.A. student in German Literature at the Humboldt-University who is writing her master’s thesis on conservation strategies based on the Varnhagen Collection. Part 2 will be written in...


Wish list

While the people I follow on twitter seem to be going offline one after another, I am starting to feel strangely lonely. It will be a busy vacation on my end, having to give Sabine and Christiane a hand to finish the Boeckh volume until January, 7th (a real deadline...


#dhberlin being born for good

Something happened. While I was wrestling with adversity reaching in a grant application promised to doom, juggling with two papers and trying to find a post-doc and the necessary funding for him/her (someone to work on the French corpora of the edition which are still under exploited), it now seems, with...



I have been extremely lucky within the last (almost) two years since I started my digital edition. Even if things took what felt at times like an eternity to take shape, I have benefited from in-depth infrastructural help, from shortcuts when confronted to many a tortuous problem, from open dialogues...


Nikolaus, right on time

December is a good month to be a French living in Germany. First, we had a beautiful snowfall all morning, and I granted myself the pleasure of walking through Tiergarten instead of taking public transportation between 8:30 an 9:00 (bike is not an option any more, for a few weeks...

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