Monthly Archive: March 2013


Workflow intricacy

Anna is now on parental leave, but I had the amazing opportunity to have her replacement  financed for one year by the German Research Foundation (that is family-friendliness!). It is Julia Doborosky who will help the digital edition move on in Anna’s absence. Julia belongs to the Boeckh team. She is the one who has gone through all the archival material at the University Archive, at the Academy of Sciences Archive and at the Geheimes Staatsarchiv (don’t know the correct English name for it) and thus generated 1200 entries in our Boeckh platform (which I presented in this earlier post). I...


Boeckh Book – Back

The book August Boeckh. Philologie, Hermeneutik und Wissenschaftspolitik (under the direction of Christiane Hackel and Sabine Seifert) is now on the bookshelves (at least ours)! You can order it from the publishing house as book, e-book or as a combination of both. It is the third volume in the collection “Berliner Intellektuelle um 1800” , which is so to speak the printed face of the junior research group and was conceived to bring together our work results. I directed the first volume, Netzwerke des Wissens. Das intellektuelle Berlin um 1800 (published in 2011). The second volume,  Französisch-deutsche Kulturräume. Bildungsnetzwerke – Vermittlerpersönlichkeiten...


Ping pong with my enemy and other publication strategies

I was invited in Paris last Friday to talk about my position as a junior group leader and how to apply for it. I ended up having to answer three times in a row the question “But do you really have PhD candidates?” (after me saying exactly that a couple of times already), but I also had more satisfactory communication experiences within my 24 hours there. And there was a real spring experience involved too, and that was a blessing in these times where, in Berlin, we barely reach the freezing point at around 2 PM in the sun (only...


DH-Aphorismus Nummer 1

(Ich habe mir lange gewünscht, etwas zwischen Tweet und Blogbeitrag zu haben und habe beschlossen, diese Kurzbemerkungen in Form von Aphorismen auf dem Blog zu veröffentlichen – in der jeweils passenden Sprache) Aphorismus Nummer 1, auf den 15. März 2013 DH sind nicht: Digitalisierungsprogramme. DH sind: Verjüngungskur.


Encoding IS conceptualizing (non, je ne lâche pas la proie pour l’ombre)

I have been faced lately – in several forms – with the reproach that the intense work on my digital edition prevents me to do what I should actually be doing, e.g. interpreting and conceptualizing. There certainly is some truth in this. I would be the last one to say that I don’t need more time to manage to do the conceptual work. But this is only a question of time (or: this is alas indeed a question of time), since I see clearly where this part of my work is going – and it is heading towards a greater...