Monthly Archive: June 2013


My Horse Radar

I was determined to keep quiet as long as the upcoming job interview wasn’t over, but in spite of the fact that I am pretty absorbed by the preparation, things seem to be rushing at me. One in particular I think is worth mentioning before I do so with the other ones in some kind of July cascade. I have become a member of the editorial board of (and incidentally in parallel also of the new DH Commons-DARIAH journal on projects and tools – more on that later -), which is a great honor – and some responsibility as well. So...


DH Too Human?

On my way back from #dhiha5, the airlines on strike combined with the floods that block German trains at Berlin’s doors are offering me plenty of time (too much, really) to think about those two days. What was most important in the end? Was it the manifesto taking a real manifesto-ish shape? Was it the unease at being asked times and again by senior researchers to keep lobbying the decision takers restlessly until they hear us? “How are we in any position to do that?”, echoed the tweets as the conference was about to be concluded. How much politics does...


Des papillons au plafond

La situation d’attente de l’audition pousse au cauchemar. La nuit passée, j’avais ainsi deux concurrentes préalablement déclarées meilleures que moi avant même l’audition, je levais les yeux et trouvais, au plafond, une multitude de papillons, les uns petits, les autres plus grands, blancs, avec des taches noires. Sans savoir ce qu’ils symbolisent, l’image ne me quitte plus dans mes préparatifs pour cette audition allemande, qui s’avère bien différente de l’audition francaise. Mes auditions à des postes de maître de conférences en France, de 2003 à 2005, avaient été des échecs cuisants non seulement au niveau institutionnel, mais au niveau psychique...


#dhiha5 Panel 4 on Recognition of persons and performances in DH and career perspectives in France and Germany

Since putting together and polishing the text took me all the time I usually have to write on this blog, I would like to invite you, my dear reader, to have a look at the (longer) blog post I contributed to for the next “DH at the German Historical Institute in Paris” conference. The text is in English – this is just how German-French we all are – Click here!