Monthly Archive: July 2013


L as in Long Time (though semi-long would also do for the time being)

The one thing I have been missing for months (together with having more text online, please, please, please) was the feeling of having a clear plan. The more I have to present myself with a vision, the less I feel like I have one. Being now under no duty whatsoever (except the one to get ready to teach the Vorlesung “Schriftsteller_innen und ihre Verleger_innen” from April 2014 on), I feel like *the inner plan* is moving me again – carrying me would be more like it. The problem is, the plan lacks the right conditions for its realization. What should...


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Seldom (maybe never) has it felt such a relief to open as it is tonight. Weeks of forced blogging abstinence, rushing ahead without looking left and right, with the edition seemingly stuck in its rachitic state. But victory, victory at last! We are moving on! What a relief – I have been obsessed by the single aim to get more text online for months and trying to move mountains to reach that goal – with little success at first. It seems that the fruits of those efforts will finally be harvestable in the days ahead: – the transcriptions of...