Monthly Archive: September 2013


Ni Dieu Ni Maître

I survived the seminar in which I was to analyse my potential and to plan my career – together with twenty other talented young women researchers from Berlin universities. We are all in the post-doc/ham-in-the-sandwich position and were all theoretically accepted in the program because we want to become professors....


Where the Magic begins

The group – my group – was back to its initial constellation for a couple of days this week, with Anna visiting us together with her now 6 month old son. It did us all good to be like “in the good old times” (meaning, 6 months ago…). But it...


Texts without a genre, automatized translations and a diplomat called Varnhagen von Ense

There are novelties all over the place in our digital edition and I had no idea about it! Yes, I have finally reached the blessed state in which I can’t seem to keep up with the rhythm of new features or texts implemented online. Sabine gets hold of me once...


Of those three languages I live in (a sequel to #dhiha5)

Manifesto, Manifest, manifeste After publishing the English version of the manifesto for young researchers in DH in July, the German translation went online in August and the French one in September. I was part of the elaboration of all three of them. For my personal linguistic formation, the order in...


Blog it like Beckham

When I try to reconstruct what I have been up to since I stopped working on my book, I might be tempted to say “nothing”. As many colleagues came back from vacation, the daily emailing dose has increased progressively, just enough to fill a few more hours per week. And...

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