Monthly Archive: October 2013


A conference as we like it: “Fontanes Briefe ediert”

– A guest post by Selma Jahnke and Sabine Seifert – The Theodor Fontane Archive hosts most of Theodor Fontane’s letters – a real treasure not only for research on the author himself but for a variety of research approaches. Several attempts and efforts were made to edit parts of his correspondence but a complete edition is – even today – still a desideratum. And where could this project be realized more suitably than at the Fontane Archive itself? To think about possible projects, methods and medias of editing, specialists of different disciplines were invited to share their point of views...


Digitizing objects (#dhb_2)

Although term starts only tomorrow, it is as if I had been on business mode for a while already. The organization of the second workshop of the DH Berlin circle kept me busy all along September and it is only now that some rest is in sight – you know, the rest you get from pagan activities like writing papers and applications, spiced up by some effort to make those generate some synergy for my book (call that a chapter if you want…). What is it with  the DH Berlin workshops, really? Looking at the big picture of my scholarly activities...


When in Rome, do as the Romans do

A guest post by Sabine Seifert (almost) live from Rome – and remembering the beginnings of this blog in Würzburg in 2011, 150 blog posts ago. RomPoster It’s the third day of the TEI conference 2013 in Rome, the talks are good as is the coffee and yesterday’s poster session went very well. The obligatory poster poetry slam was fun – and here is my poster and my poem: A scholar in the Berlin of the 19th century studied Greek and Latin classics in a fury. He did research, wrote essays and published editions, thought about philology and changed its...