Hello, good-looking!

Last Friday, I have organized a workshop on scholarly blogging at the Centre Marc Bloch  in Berlin (hashtag: #hypobln). It was a great occasion to enjoy having valued colleagues at a discussion table, to address a new, interested, mixed audience (younger and older participants, surprisingly more women than men), to learn about the differences between de.hypotheses and fr.hypotheses (there are some) and to collect tricks on how to make one’s blog look not only o.k., but really good. It is under that very title that Community Manager Sascha Foerster, who supervised the 4-hour afternoon training, published his report on the workshop.

Let it be said once and for all: a good-looking blog is not one with cute kitty pictures. Continue reading “Hello, good-looking!”

Finding the way to the archive

Preparing my stay at the Literature Archive in Marbach, spending the week there working off mountains of information and then, when I came back. taking care of all that had remained pending didn’t stay clean of collateral damages. I haven’t blogged in a month: it is a shame, really. To make things worse, this infidelity to my blog happens precisely when I am trying to get more active within the editorial board of hypotheses and when I am organizing my first hypotheses workshop. I am not sure about the credibility I will bring to the workshop. “Hello, youngsters, let me give you the right recipe: blogging 6 times a month is a good average”. And then I will proceed explaining it is totally doable. Or so I intended to say a month or so ago – I might consider revising that part of my introduction…

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