Monthly Archive: April 2014


“I see something that you don’t see…”

It is under this title that I have announced my paper to be given at the workshop “Data modeling in digital letter edition and its interpretative potential“. So begins the sentence of a children’s game (of some use to make time pass by faster in case of weary travels or long walks in the forest), and it proceeds with the indication of a color: “… and it is blue” (or red or grey, etc.). The principle is that the others, being indicated the color only, have to guess which object in the surroundings the one who poses the riddle is...


The Library of the German Historical Institute in Paris (books and a kitchen)

I am not a real German, I never really had long periods of living in a flat shared with other students and hence having to share a kitchen. And now I am old for that kind of things, turning 38 in a week. Or so I thought. Indeed, there seems to be a way to get past the awkwardness of being old in a common kitchen.


I love Paris in the Springtime

I arrived in Paris two days ago for a 3-weeks stay as a Karl-Ferdinand-Werner-fellow at the German Historical Institute. I could write a whole post about the place, but the real beauty of it is neither the amazing house nor the glorious weather nor the fact that my room as 2 windows and is sunbathed all afternoon. No, the real beauty of it is to ignore the material world for three weeks and think only of moving on with my research. So what about it?