Monthly Archive: June 2014


“this edition” off to closure

One of the first categories I introduced on this blog was “this edition”, because the blog was originally conceived to “accompany” the realization of Letters and Texts. Over the last months, I have written a lot about blogging per se, about Academia in general, about the second book I am writing(/trying to write). These points don’t relate to Letters and Texts at first sight. But when you consider what is at stake with the realization of an edition like this one, all of the named aspects turn out to be parts of one ecosystem – not random bits disconnected from...


Learning by blogging

The contribution published yesterday by 2 of my B.A. students on this blog is a good opportunity to comment (again) on the fact that blogging is rather a science than a technique and, more accurately still, rather an art than a science. I gave a whole series of indications to the students on how to compose their text, but this did not suffice to help them turn said text into a real blog post. How does that come?


“Papiers à Mr. Schlegel”. Ein Blick in die neue Schlegel-Edition

“Nur leider weiß ich nicht recht viel schönes zu schreiben, überdem ist es heute morgen hier noch so kalt, daß mein Witz gefriert.” August Wilhelm von Schlegel an Johann Carl Fürchtegott Schlegel, Göttingen den 4. Mai 1786 Ein Blick in die beta-Version der digitalen Briefedition von A. W. Schlegel. Ein studentisches Blogexperiment von Melanie Rücker und Christian Babbel im Rahmen des B.A.-Seminars “Einführung in digitale Methoden der Literaturwissenschaft”.